Welcome to JAKK Tuesdays!

Welcome to J.A.K.K. Tuesdays Sports Pub!  We are "A Little Bit of Cheers in the West End of Kingston" and proud to be locally owned and operated!  We opened our doors on October 27, 2005 and haven't looked back!  We have become a favorite place to watch the game, meet with the team after the game or just hang out and socialize with friends. JAKKs is definitely the place to be to meet with friends after work or for any occasion. We take great pride in the atmosphere we have been able to create at JAKKs.  When you are here, it truly feels like you are at home in your rec room. Enjoy the game on one of our 17 TVs, including a couple in the Men's room so you don't miss any of the action!! We have a different special available every day of the week at JAKKs! Our friendly and knowledgeable staff look forward to serving you and making you feel at home!

And how did we come up with such a cool name for our Sports Pub?

Well, J.A.K.K. is an acronym for the members of my family - My youngest daughter's name is Jesselyn (Jessie) and my oldest daughter's name is Aimee. My wife's name is Kim and my name is Kelly, which gives us J.A.K.K. and believe it or not, we were all born on.... you guessed it - TUESDAY!!



Stanley Cup Finals Begin Wednesday, June 4th 

World Cup of Soccer June 12-July 13!